There's a killer showman in Hunt: Showdown

Crytek has released an add-on for the multiplayer action game Hunt: Showdown, where teams of players hunt monsters and fight each other for loot. DLC is called When Shadows Dance. In it gamers are waiting for a legendary hunter, traditional arsenal replenishment, as well as a nice addition to the game features. Let's tell you all about it in order.

Details of Hunt: Showdown - When Shadows Dance

This time the company of gentlemen from the southern states was made up of a Turkish native named Hayalî. He is a master of performance, suffering from a split personality, as evidenced even by his mask of two halves. It is said of him that he fought in the war and was in good standing with the Sultan, and then took a fancy to the shadow theater and, succeeding in this business, went to America. Traveling around the country with wandering artists and circus performers, he turned his attention to a more profitable business - killing monsters on behalf of the locals. That's how the Turk and former soldier came into Hunt's set of heroes.

Along with himself, the character brought to the game weapons with a unique design. This is first of all "Karagöz" - a Springfield 1866 rifle, densely decorated with oriental ornamentation and rubies inlaid in a metal pattern. The next barrel is the "Hacivat", a modification of the Scottfield Model 3 "Swift" revolver, also covered with arabesques. The equipment is completed by a signal trap "Lamba", made from a kerosene lamp. Its action, as well as firing the new gun, can be seen in the DLC trailer.

16 September 2023