The era is gone: professional seasons have been canceled in Dota 2

The most popular game in the MOBA (multiplayer battle arena) genre - Dota 2 - is parting ways with the Dota Pro Circuit, the tool that was used to get into The International and other major tournaments. This does not mean the cancellation of scheduled events, but according to the developers, it should lead to greater freedom in organizing competitions at any level - from amateur to global, where the winners get millions of dollars. We tell you more about why Valve employees decided to backtrack.

Why was DPC removed from Dota 2?

The first professional season appeared in the game in 2017. With its help, Valve established clear rules of selection for major tournaments, including The International, because gamers were not always clear about the principles of team selection. This caused unnecessary problems and suspicions, but the clear invitation system eliminated most of the questions. Everyone was able to calculate the qualifying scores and evaluate the effectiveness of their skills. That's why in an open letter to the fans the developers declare that the decision was correct.

Nevertheless, even in this approach there was a flaw, because instead of searching for innovations, the organizers of the competition focused on the implementation of the introduced rules. As a result, the only professional league became dominant, and the element of creativity disappeared from all tournaments, especially the smaller ones. Why make up your own rules when you can't achieve anything in cybersports with them anyway? In order to bring more variety, the developers decided to cancel DPC. However, you shouldn't be afraid of canceling any competitions - preparations for TI 2024 are in full swing, but Valve employees will describe the way to it only next year.

17 September 2023