Don't Spit in the Well: Deadside Drinking Update

The developers of the MMO shooter Deadside continue to prepare their project for the update to version 0.5.0. If a month ago Bad Pixel employees shared with the public changes to the transport system, including the movement on rivers by motorboats, now it comes to other waters - unpaved. Wells will soon appear in the game, designed to save gamers from the search for soda on the shelves of destroyed after the end of the world stores.

How Deadside is changing in 2023

In the post-apocalyptic world, you will find various sources of water - such as wells and artesian well columns. They make survival much easier, as they allow you to quickly fill a flask and provide life-giving moisture to your personal shelter. If before you had to get a drink with difficulty or even in battle, now it will be easier to solve the problem. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from putting a stretch with a grenade or some other trap near the source, to hurt your rivals. The developers note that the wells are just the beginning of changes to the game's supply extraction.

Update 0.5.0 is still in production. According to the Bad Pixel team, programmers need to optimize servers for the release of the patch. But the release is promised to prepare in the near future. If you're not aware of it, Deadside - is a multiplayer action game, where gamers survive on a huge map, fighting with each other for supplies. Here you can not only shoot enemies, but also build shelters, equipping them according to your needs. As of Spring 2020, the game is offered in Early Access on Steam.

22 January 2023