Banzai! Samurai Summer at Conqueror's Blade

From June 1, a game at the intersection of MMORPG and strategy genres, Conqueror's Blade, will be available for free update Sengoku. It will add medieval Japanese warriors of different types, combat pass, mechanics "Mastery Squad" and the "Master Commander" mode, where gamers will fight against an army under the control of artificial intelligence. In addition, right now you can apply for a change of server for virtual currency - it costs 1000 sovereigns.

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At the beginning of the summer, gamers will be able to hire samurai. They will be presented in three variants: ronins, swiftly attacking with swords, fighting ladies onna-bugeisya with naginates and orochi, capable of breaking through the ranks of enemy cavalry with long pikes. All warriors are listed in order of their number of stars - the first unit has three, and the last unit has five stars. Also now open for all gamers to pre-order a combat pass, which will begin June 1. In it you'll find two 5,000-point experience boosts, 10 training orders, 50,000 copper coins, and an old digging parchment. It's worth adding that activating the pass will immediately give your hero the appearance of a "Shadow Muraji".

The "Squad Mastery" mechanic will open up in the first month of summer, allowing you to change the characteristics of your soldiers in stages. Associated with this part of the gameplay is a new mode "Master Commander", where it is necessary to stand alone against an army of invaders. Developers will broadcast dedicated to Sengoku, from May 23 on Twitch - the viewers are promised a prize for watching.

21 May 2023