The final chapter of Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery is out

The developers of MMO-game Conan Exiles presented the third and the last chapter of Age of Sorcery, after which the virtual world will start a new era. The add-on contains several important innovations: you can animate and use in different tasks golems, travel through the locations in an original way, to fight against powerful boss, and update the closet of your character. Of course, the changes in gameplay are complemented by another portion of story adventures.

Details on the third chapter of Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery

The story comes to its finale: the heroes must unite with the sorcerer from the peak of Mek-Kamozis to work together to stop the ritual of Kurak, which brings death to all life in the Land of the Exiles. Funcom employees responsible for the game noted that the next story will be as large-scale as the current one. And while users are moving towards the final of the epic saga, to help them will golems - animated creatures enchanted. To activate them, you must find and apply crystals grown from the blood of giant kings. Then the golem can be sent to perform any task - be it chopping firewood, mining ore or helping the master in battle.

The updated travel system assumes that everyone chooses how to move around the world. For example, if you like to travel on horseback, you can tame a horse and complete a series of tasks for the rider, resulting in a special card. Similarly, in the form of quests, the use of magical portals and flying on giant lizards is designed. For fans of group raids opened the gates of another dungeon. And the list of changes in the third chapter is completed with the expansion of the assortment of armor. Cosmetic items, including golem appearance types, are now available to combat pass holders.

15 March 2023