Fall events and costumes in Black Desert

Pearl Abyss Studio has reminded fans of its MMORPG Black Desert of the schedule of activities for September. As part of these events, special rewards are promised for various battles, crafting, passing the season's quests, and even for regular logging into the game. Plus, it's not too late to pick up prizes timed to coincide with the end of the summer season. And those who weren't hot enough can plan a visit to the port of Grandin, where new costumes for all classes will be available.

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Until the 20th of this month, heroes will receive four types of dead man's caskets, from blue to red, for fighting in the Rift of Darkness. After opening them there is a great chance to get Earrings of Black Decay, and in addition, participants of battles will get resources that can be easily exchanged for armor. For the same period of time, the crafting experience is raised by 50% - if you are lucky enough to find the Golden Insect Amber. Also a series of quests will be shared by the Guild of the waning moon. By completing them, users will earn three times more activity points than usual. And if you are a member of the guild, you will also receive gifts for entering the game. Another prize, the Waning Moon Boss Token, will be awarded to those who defeat this monster during a raid.

Didn't get a chance to say goodbye to summer? The season isn't officially over yet, so you can pick up your bonuses by going hunting or going to the achievement menu. In addition, the regular and special subscription offers will be available until October 4 and October 18 respectively. Also, until December 13, the size of the login reward for newcomers is determined. Lastly, we should mention the Lovelien outfit set, which will be available on September 20 for characters of both genders and all classes.

13 September 2023