F2000 and a new map in BattleBit Remastered

Released by a small team of enthusiasts, the shooter, which is called a simplified copy of Battlefield for its massive battles with the use of military equipment, has received patch 2.1.4. In it, fans are waiting for battles on the map ZalfiBay, arsenal replenishment, global leaderboard, changes in gameplay and work on bugs. The update is already installed on the servers - it's time to discuss it in more detail.

What's changing in BattleBit Remastered version 2.1.4?

ZalfiBay is a coastal city with six respawn points for two teams and dense buildings. The peculiarity of this area is that in addition to infantry, tanks and aviation, the navy - primarily patrol and landing boats - will also be widely used here. After all, it is faster to move from a remote beach to the center by water, rather than on the streets, where it is easy to set up an ambush in any of the buildings. The map is available in the modes "Conquest", "Capture", "Front Line" and "Excellence". Gamers will be able to evaluate their success by the global leaderboard, which now includes 5000 people, selected by various parameters - from activity in the clan and the number of kills to the effectiveness as a medic and auto mechanic on the battlefield.

There were additions to the weapons room: F2000 and G3 rifles were added, and HK419 had a few changes in parameters - it got a higher rate of fire and lower vertical recoil. The heroes' corrections were first of all related to the classes, from which the commander was removed. Fragmentation grenades stopped exploding from hitting the side of the equipment, and helicopters quickly fall when tilted down. Edits also touched the sounds: there was a click of the bolt when the magazine is used up, became more accurate behavior of bullets in flight, and was added animation of a double jump.

18 September 2023