ArcheAge Animal Welfare Festival kicks off

Until April 6 on the Russian servers MMORPG ArcheAge you can give shelter to a variety of small animals to raise them and get prizes for it. In the event, which has been named "Wonderpurr Festival," are free to participate all the heroes with level 30 and above, and are offered the necessary tasks in the location of Savannah. Then you will need resources and a little patience.

Details about the new ArcheAge festival

To participate in the event, you need to get through one of the three portals to Savannah, where a woman named Aiche lives in the Blue Fang village. It is this character who will show gamers the way. In a nutshell, the heroes' path leads to the society "Ferre for the Mercy of Animals," or F.M.O.W., whose tokens serve as the main reward for caring for the animals. To raise a baby to be a real pet, you'll need resources to make toys. For example, a black kitten needs feathers for writing, paper, and parchment, while a covered sheep stall, medicine powder, and pearls are needed to take care of a fawn.

The pets are growing and require a larger dwelling. Jong's character will help with this, taking 20 packs of wood as a reward and giving you a F.M.O.W. token after construction. You can get the same rewards at the end of the festival, and in addition, essences, runes, pillows, a flute with a pickaxe, an alchemical crystal and a set of ephemeral cubes. As for tokens, they will be exchanged for various items until April 20 this year.

19 March 2023