"Swordmaiden" Game

Original title: Swordmaiden


In Swordmaiden on Zarium you will meet her main character. This at first glance fragile girl who has not only beautiful appearance, but also the skills of martial arts. She, like many of her peers, didn't like playing dolls or safer girls' games. She prioritized swordfighting, so she's now very good with a sword.

Swordmaiden game will help plunge into the world of martial arts

The heroine of the game for many years has developed enough willpower and courage. Also, she is in great physical shape to fight alone. However, now she can not cope alone, finding herself in a magical maze, which is surrounded by evil monsters.

Help the girl defeat all the monsters in her way and finally get out of the labyrinth to freedom. Your tips, your reaction and dexterity will help her a lot. The main thing here is to work as a team and then you together, being on the side of good, defeat evil.


Movement WASD Attack LMB - available from 1 player level E LMB - available from 1 player level R LMB - available from 1 player level Q LMB - available from 1 player level 1 LMB - available from 10 player level