Police Drift Car Driving Stunt Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Police Drift Car Driving Stunt Game


Many of us at least once in our lives dreamed of riding in a police car. With the Police Drift Car Driving Stunt Game the dream will finally become a reality. By launching the application, you get unlimited control over the police car. Now you can drive around the city and do whatever you want. Let us assume that over time you will be tired of simply driving on the roads, albeit in such a desirable car. In this case the developers of the game propose to leave aimless travel and switch to karolomnye stunts. Especially since throughout the city regularly come across springboards to perform them. Perform tricks, score points and get to use new machines. Let's see how brave and skillful you prove to be.


Use Arrow keys, Up Arrow for accelerating, down for brakes, left and right for navigating left and right respectively.