Mahjong Linker : Kyodai Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Mahjong Linker : Kyodai Game


Mahjong Linker : Kyodai Game is a fascinating entertainment for intellectuals. All the sharpness of your mind comes in handy here. In this online game you are required to link mahjong tiles, using three lines. Connect identical tiles, and they will be removed from the screen, and you for the correct placement will earn game points! This way you have to remove all the tiles from the playing field and do it in a given time period. This entertainment has been created by technology HTML5, so the toy works on all existing browsers on PC. In addition, you can try your hand at playing on a tablet or smartphone. The control on your cell phone is done with your fingertips. Download and enjoy the popular free game, which has received many approvals among users!


Click/Touch tiles to select them. Select two identical Mahjong tiles connectable by 3 lines maximum. Clear the board