Game "Katy and Bob. Cake cafe"

Game "Katy and Bob. Cake cafe"
Genres: Arcades, Business
  • Game size:
  • Release date:
    09 March 2019
  • Operating system:
    Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Minimum requirements
  • CPU:
  • RAM:
  • Graphics card:
    256Mb, DirectX 9
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Game description

John and Kathy dreamed of an unforgettable wedding, because it should be the most memorable day of their lives! That is why the couple decided to arrange a celebration on the paradise islands. And all the organizational moments are almost solved, but the only thing left is to choose and buy a wedding cake. But, friends will never leave in trouble, so their mutual acquaintance Bob volunteered to help with this problem.

Bob and Katie decide to open their own bakery so they can create a masterpiece of culinary art on their own! But first of all, they need to make a profit from the business to be able to make all their fantasies come true.

Help the guys recoup their expenses! You will have to serve customers in a small cafe, where so far there is a very sparse menu and only cardboard boxes instead of tables. But if you work well, you can get a good profit and modernize the institution. Try to gain the trust of customers and then they will generously reward you with tips! Serve a menu to sweet-tooth customers on time, offer the most exquisite desserts, and promptly fulfil orders, so that visitors are satisfied.

With each level the complexity of tasks will only grow! You will need time to bake cakes for cakes, prepare refreshments and carry orders for the hall. But if you spend a certain amount of money to buy speedups, you can significantly optimize the work process!

In a special store you can buy new furniture and other interior items to improve the appearance of the cafe. You can also buy special equipment for making gourmet desserts. Updates will only be a plus, because the visitors will not want to leave the establishment with a good interior and great food!

But keep in mind that a lot will depend on the mood of the visitors! Do not delay the orders and then you will get a decent profit, satisfied customers and the opportunity to make the business even more successful!