"Ez Mahjong" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Ez Mahjong


Many people know and love the classic mahjong puzzle game. If you are one of those people, be sure to try yourself in the Ez Mahjong puzzle. In front of you you will see a playing field on which there will be different dice. Each drawn a different picture and characters. Your main task is to look around the field and find a pair of identical dice. As soon as you succeed, select them by clicking and remove them from the playing field. In this way you will get a certain number of points. So, gradually selecting and removing the same pairs of dice, you can clear the whole field. After this you will get to the next level, but be ready, that on each stage the task will get more and more complicated. Show your wits, attention and speed to solve the puzzle!


Match the mahjong tiles to complete the set.