"Bank Atm Simulator" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Bank Atm Simulator


In the game Bank Atm Simulator you will be in the role of a collector. It may seem that this job is very easy and pleasant, but it is not. Working as a money collector is a very time-consuming, responsible and dangerous process. In the game you will have 8 different levels and several missions, the first of which will be quite easy: you will have to take money from the bank, drive to a certain place and load banknotes into an ATM. But in this metropolis, as in most others, there's a lot of crime and thieves who want to get their hands on other people's money. So you'll have to deal with them as well, not to let them get their hands on the money. Pass all levels and missions, enjoy an interesting simulation about banking life.


WASD to move
Left mouse click to attack
E to enter/leave car
Tab to toggle pause