Unusual atmosphere of submarine combat strategy games

Unlike game projects devoted to sea battles, in which bulky ships fight for water space games about submarines look different. Being immersed in the pitch darkness of the ocean, any breach can lead to imminent terrible death. No talking is allowed inside the cabins of the boat. And if you are discovered in the combat zone before the allotted time, you will have a hard time. Games dedicated to submarine battles reveal their essence in a different way, unlike the surface battles. Any mistake in the deep ocean can cost you a very high price. The games on this list will give you a full idea of what people do, when fully immersed in the depths of water. Games on this topic are released rarely due to its specific and challenging gameplay, but still in demand and interested in a large number of people around the world. And yet out came the representatives of this beautiful genre of underwater simulators, setting the height of quality and influenced the formation of the genre and its development.


One of the most interesting underwater simulators, allowing you to feel like a full member of the crew of a submarine. In addition, the game is positioned as a horror game with survival elements. In Barotrauma your submarine is not a warship, but the very real means of existence. During the plot of the game we learn that the mankind had to move to the planet that is the satellite of Jupiter. But since the surface is prone to strong radiation, people had to exist in the underwater space. Thanks to your underwater ship, you can survive in these unfavorable natural conditions by traveling underwater. But not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. The depths of the sea hide not only the ruins of unknown to us stations and alien settlements. Often you will come across aggressive underwater monsters you have never seen before. You will have to fight alone or together with your friends online for the right to survive on this planet while troubleshooting your ship and defending against alien monsters. The essence of the game is cooperation and smoothness of action, so the developers recommend the network mode. Together with your friends to overcome those or other obstacles on your way and timely respond to damage to the hull of your submarine. The video game is rich in a variety of game events and depth of game mechanics. Complete freedom of action and the inexorable consequence of every wrong decision, which will not keep you waiting. Each new game in Barotrauma will be unique and special for you.

Silent Hunter Series

One of the most complex and thus most interesting underwater combat simulation games. The first part was released back in 1996, and the game can rightfully be considered one of the classic representatives of this fascinating genre.Silent Hunter is still considered a legendary game, which is the ancestor of the submarine combat simulation genre. Fans of submarines and complex gameplay will love this game. Only those who are not afraid of real difficulties will be able to pass it and get a lot of pleasure. Gameplay is its strongest side, all the actions that can be made on the submarine does the player. Monitor the indicators, take care of the crew, conduct searches for shipping convoys and many other operations. All this will have to be done directly by you. Once you have full control of the ship and the situation underwater, you will fight other ships. At some point, you'll be a real underwater hunter who will hunt down his target. And then you'll decide how to launch a surprise strike against the enemy. But you may also be hunted. More than once you will notice that there is an unknown vessel right behind you that is just trying to stab you in the back. But thanks to interesting game mechanics you will be able to cover your tracks and hide from the pursuer. Or maybe you'll want to take the fight to destroy the enemy vessel. Complete freedom of action will open up a lot of opportunities for you to play. Once you understand the game mechanics and their subtleties, you will feel like a real captain of a warship. Use a variety of weapons to destroy unfriendly ships and use their maneuverability in the underwater space. With its on-screen realism and many interesting features and gameplay mechanics, many players still remember and play this legendary franchise.

Atlantic Fleet

Another video game about underwater battles. But unlike the above games, Atlantic Fleet allows you to control not only submarines, but also surface ships. In addition, you can take on the role of an aircraft carrier and destroy enemy naval vessels from the air. Gameplay is performed entirely in turn-based mode, which allows you to carefully, but in the allotted time to think through all your future moves to the smallest detail. Competently playing this or that strategy, you can defeat your opponents and not get a critical damage on the next move. Each element of gameplay intelligently transitions to the other allowing you to come up with your own style of fighting in the ocean. Choose your warship and defend your own sea trade routes or try to capture an enemy one. In addition, the game features a story mode that will give you a varied gaming experience and familiarize you with the main features of the video game.

We Need To Go Deeper

An interesting video game that takes place on an underwater ship. The game supports cooperative gameplay so you can invite your friends and enjoy this beautiful game. The story was inspired by the novels of Jules Verne, especially his famous novel "1000 Leagues Under the Sea". During the game, you will take on the role of a member of the research crew of the submarine. Total in the game project can play from two to four people. You and your friends will be required to coordinate and coherence. After all, your submarine can get damaged moving through the sea. You'll need to patch up holes and fix various malfunctions in the ship's systems. Each player has a specific role on the submarine. One is engaged in the technical state, the other takes over the control and sets the direction of the ship, the other stands behind the guns and shoots at the enemies. Everyone is busy doing their own thing, but it's the fact that each depends on the other that makes this game collective. How accurately and deftly you deal with problems on the submarine is how long you'll live in this endless underwater world.

08 September 2022