The most anticipated MMORPG 2023

It's good where we're not. For the same reason, games that we have not yet launched seem to us much more interesting and attractive than entertainments already explored up and down. Moreover, if we're talking about MMORPG - the competition for the public's attention here is fierce, so the developers are always trying to surprise fans with something, add to their projects unique mechanics, arrange the action at the launch, make the most beautiful graphics, use advanced technology. Let's see what MMORPG 2023 people are looking forward to the most, and at the same time talk about some of the features of these games and share their release date.


Rare MMORPG is advertised by stars like Vin Diesel, known for the film series "Fast and the Furious" and the sci-fi adventures of Riddick. But it was this actor who became the official face of the not yet released online game ARK 2. It develops the ideas of multiplayer survival simulator ARK: Survival Evolved, where people tame dinosaurs and make wars with them. In addition to the beautiful graphics provided by the Unreal Engine 5, the developers from the Wildcard studio will bring a number of major innovations to the project. They created a full-fledged story dedicated to the hero named Santiago (Vin Diesel), who rescues his daughter Mika.
The game will feature an improved crafting and breeding system for prehistoric lizards, complete with support for fan mods. The world will be filled with events that will occur regardless of whether users participate in them or not. And PvE-battles will diversify "Aratai" attacks - they ride dinosaurs and disturb peaceful villages. Of course, promised major changes in artificial intelligence and role system. The first one will become smarter due to the fact that the monsters will be taught to hunt by sight, hearing and smell, and the character progression will become more diverse, because a huge tree of skills will be added to the game. Completes the picture simulation of nature, including a change of time of day and weather. The exact ARK 2 release date is still unknown, but its release is scheduled for 2023.

Blue Protocol

This game, on the contrary, instead of realism, focuses on anime style. But not to save developers' budget, because Blue Protocol is made by a very well-known Japanese company Bandai Namco, and the technical level of the project is such that to run it at maximum settings you need a computer with 16 GB of RAM, a video card RTX 2070 Super and Intel Core i7 processor. As we can see, cartoonish does not mean simple. In the rest MMORPG offer the traditional set of the genre: fantasy setting, clans and guilds, the division of heroes into classes, single and group activities in every way, including, of course, fishing - the Japanese have nothing without it.
It is already known what specialties will be available in the game after its release in the spring of 2023. Aegis Fighter - a classic tank warrior, defensive specialist, wielding in close combat. Twin Striker - a swordsman with a paired weapon, the trump card of which is the maximum damage on attack. Archer shoots archer at enemies from afar, Spell Caster casts spells on enemies' heads, and slow, but powerful Heavy Smasher smashes all enemies with his hammer. Despite the standard approach to the classes and slasher-style battles, Blue Protocol will get some original features. For example, it will allow you to manually adjust the visual effects - will appeal to those who get tired of the abundance of flashes and explosions on the screen.

Throne and Liberty

Throne and Liberty has become one of the most anticipated MMORPG in 2023 for a reason. Enough to look at its trailers and screenshots to understand - the fans of the genre is not seen since the release of Black Desert Online. Besides engaged in the development of the game NCSoft - the same company thanks to which Lineage II has become a hit of all times and peoples. True, the fate of the project is not easy. It was created on the basis of Lineage Eternal, experienced several postponements of the release - the Koreans originally wanted to show his creation to the world in 2021, but prevented the technical and organizational problems. However, now the studio is moving confidently towards the end of the work.
About the gameplay is already known enough. The emphasis in Throne and Liberty is made on PvP, that is the battle heroes under the control of live users. Events will unfold in a seamless open world, which consists of different biomes - from the wooded mountains to the desert. NCSoft promises that even the entry units into the dungeons, consisting of several levels, will do without additional downloads. The implementation of weather effects is so meticulous that after the rain, for example, small lakes will form in the hollows of the terrain. As for the class system, it is based on a choice of weapons, rather than characteristics of the character. It is planned to make the game conditionally free, and its release is expected in the second quarter of 2023.

Ashes of Creation

Another project with a thorny road to glory. And the path of Ashes of Creation lasts since at least 2016, when the fundraising campaign on Kickstarter was launched. Nevertheless, the game has a lot of ambition. The virtual world is based on simulation, which changes the environment depending on gamers' actions. Say, for example, the prosperous city will be good outside, and on its streets there will be more characters with which you can interact. And these solutions the staff of the Intrepid studio have come up with a lot. There is also the original land tenure system, which allows you to have a simple manor or become a real feudal lord, holding the entire area under his power.
Guilds will be able to take over settlements, build trade routes, form gangs, or engage in honest business by breeding animals on a farm. Colonies founded by users will be of four types - religious, military, scientific and economic - depending on what the locals decide to do. In general, we are waiting for the full range of experiences typical for the "sandbox", and even with the mechanics of MMORPG, including the traditional for the genre quests, crafts and classes. Even in battles is used familiar to many targeting, that is, the enemy must first be taken in the crosshairs, and then fight with him.


This is more of a multiplayer RPG than a full-fledged MMORPG, because the development of guilds and wars between servers here will not. But the game by Airship Syndicate offers the traditional elements of the genre, including different classes, a typical RPG progression system, dungeons, adventures in the open world, as well as team action. You'll find yourself on the ruined continent of Evenor, all of whose valleys are teeming with monsters. Players beginning their journey in a peaceful location will need to team up and hunt the creatures for experience, rewards, and a place in the hero rankings.
The game stands out for its bright graphics and combination of fantasy and science fiction, that is, it will be possible to manage not only a mage or a knight, but also a warrior with firearms. According to the developers, adventures are built on the principle of expeditions: the team is equipped in a peaceful hub, takes tasks from neutral characters, and then goes to the Darkness, where they discover locations, animals and resources. Learned objects are added to a special Atlas, the completion of which increases the skill level of the hero. On the expanse of Avenor, everyone will be able to assemble any weapon and set up a base for recreation with friends. Wayfinder has already reached the finish line - by the end of 2023, after several beta tests, the game will be added to Steam.


In the third quarter of 2023 studio NetEase Games will please all fans of post-apocalypse by releasing Ashfall RPG MMO-shooter. Experience in depicting the world after a global catastrophe, the developers already have - just think of Lost Light, which partly repeats the basic principles of Escape from Tarkov. In Ashfall the situation is slightly different, because it will not be a series of battles for a few minutes in the "in and out" style, but a full-fledged adventure among the ruins of a dead civilization, more reminiscent of the Fallout cycle.
In the story, the game's universe has fallen into disrepair due to the uprising of an AI that has caused a nuclear war. After the battle, which destroyed everything around, the survivors must leave their shelters and go in search of the Core of Creation - it, supposedly, will give people a new hope for the revival of a normal society. Until this happens, the heroes will fight mutants and robots, catch criminals in the wasteland, trade and collect their equipment. A sledding animal will help in the journey, but first it must be tamed. Also, everyone will be allowed to build their own shelter by placing sentry drones at its door. It is noteworthy that one of the most famous composers of our time, Hans Zimmer, took part in creating the music for Ashfall.


Although this MMORPG looks unassuming, in today's popular cartoon style, it is based on a grand idea. The fact that the inhabitants of the virtual world will be able not only to base settlements, but also to build entire civilizations, as well as change the landscape of their choice. Moreover, the world on the server is generated procedurally, that is, there is no permanent map - every time there will be something new. The idea of the developers from Clockwork Labs attracted the public so much that they were able to raise 22 million dollars through crowdfunding. Now the project is at the testing stage and is preparing for release by the end of this year.
The developers emphasize that gamers have to tame the wildlife in a variety of roles. It will be possible to become a merchant, fisherman, hunter, engineer, farmer - in general, anyone, because the traditional system of classes and levels in the game are not planned to add. Instead, users will receive an almost limitless range of opportunities to interact with each other and the world around them, including even elements of urban strategies. And the progression of individual characters will be linked to the activities they practice - just like in Skyrim.


Ideologically and graphically, Palia is similar to BitCraft, only the developers do not call it a "sandbox," but a "social simulator. The Singularity 6 team, consisting of former employees of Blizzard, Epic Games and Riot Games, emphasizes the social part. According to the backstory they invented, the game's universe was once deserted, its people died out, and fairy tale creatures reigned over the ruins. But time has passed - and from wherever the representatives of the human race began to appear again. In their role and have to act users.
The idea is this: each hero is born on the location, which can then be equipped to your liking, building a house, garden, vegetable garden and building a pen for animals. You can hunt, fish or mine ore, improve your culinary skills and catch different creatures to study them for a reward. In the neighboring farmsteads will also settle owners - with them will be allowed to be friends and even begin a romantic relationship. But no one will prevent you from developing your estate on your own. Like any other MMORPG, Palia will offer a wide variety of group activities. If we believe the developers' plans, it will be released on PC during 2023.

Night Crows

Korean company Wemade announced two MMORPG on the Unreal Engine 5 at once - and both are extremely interesting for the public. The first thing about Night Crows, the release of which is expected in April 2023. The project impresses with realistic graphics, and its design is inspired by Europe of XIII century and dark fantasy in the spirit of Dark Souls series. The plot is dedicated to the Order of Knights - defeated, but not broken. Its members must gather again and challenge the forces of darkness, and the implementation of this plan will be carried out by ordinary players.
The developers report that Night Crows will be large-scale PvP-combats involving up to 1000 people. Move around the open world will be allowed on horseback or by air - with the help of medieval paraglider. According to the trailer, we will be offered a choice of several classes with different types of weapons, as well as the battle with giant monsters in the dungeons. It's also interesting how the game's universe combines history, magic and technology. For example, some locations have flying islands that are held above the ground by charms and balloons.

Legend of YMIR

And here is the second MMORPG by Wemade with planned release in 2023, and they make it on the same Unreal Engine 5, so it looks great too. At least if you believe the video and other presentation materials - in the words of the developers, all the trailers were made on the engine. The game develops the ideas of already released MIR4, which you can try out for free on Steam. That is, we are waiting for a fairy universe that lives by the traditional rules of the genre: the heroes of different classes fight against the monsters and with each other, including on the locations for PVP, in dungeons and arenas. And all this - in a free-to-play format.
Unlike MIR4, made in a purely Asian style, Legend of YMIR is dedicated to Scandinavian mythology, which is easy to notice by the design of monsters, armor and weapons. But it still inherits some things from the previous Wemade projects - the use of blockchain and the non-exchangeable tokens (NFT). However, a lot of information about the game we don't know - details will be available closer to the release and after the beta testing. And what MMORPGs in 2023 are you waiting for?

27 February 2023