Historical strategies with the management of civilizations to develop and improve

This article will appeal to those gamers who prefer historical video projects, as well as love and appreciate the world's historical literature, movies, and blockbusters. History is a wonderful and diverse world and it is very interesting to get acquainted with it. Well, true romantics, do not just want to quickly get through the gameplay, and deeply delve into, understand and participate in solving historical problems. What people lived a few centuries ago, with whom they fought and what was the policy followed by the country. You will get a chance to touch the real era you are interested in, you yourself will become the decider of your own and others' destiny. Historical strategy, the development of states and countries, military operations, politics, all this will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the distant days, when these epochal events took place. Become, for a while, a famous commander, or ruler of a vast power, or an ordinary resident of the country, which occurred historical events. All options are extremely interesting with their uniqueness and dynamism of the plot. Events are evolving rapidly, the player is required to pay attention and the ability to quickly and accurately make the right decisions.

We have tried to collect in this list of the best historical strategies that will help you forget about reality for a long time. The player only needs to turn on his own imagination and get into this mysterious and unfamiliar world, which conveys to us more or less accurately the historical facts.


The series of turn-based strategy games began its march around the world back in the nineties, and over the years they have earned the love and attention of gamers in many countries. Games created in the genre of global strategy with elements of economic simulation. The player will have the opportunity to feel like the ruler of a vast country. But unfortunately, the country has undergone a lot of disasters and therefore unusually poor. And you are the right person and a wise ruler who will make of the poor state, a huge and prosperous, with a strong, developed economy. By choosing the right actions and making adequate decisions, you will be able to create such an empire, which can not be broken by wars and disasters for a long time. The gamer has a chance from a small and underdeveloped settlement (at the beginning of the gameplay), to create first a small town, and then a developed megalopolis. From the moment the player creates his first city, the storyline begins to develop more dynamically. Before your eyes will be born and die new civilizations, you will be a direct participant, which has on their development and destruction of a huge impact. And there will also be some casual factors, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, fires and other natural disasters. Reliability of historical events in the game, as close to reality. The game quickly draws you into its net, and does not let go for a long time. The project is also represented, a lot of cool units, which makes the game even more interesting and exciting.

Age of Empires series

This series of extraordinary historical military strategies and city builders in one person was created from 1997 to 2011. The plot of the game is that the player will take an active part in the creation and development of the original empires, tracing their path from birth to complete disappearance. The reasons for the complete collapse of empires are different, unique in its kind, they are interesting to explore from beginning to end. At the beginning of the game, sixteen factions appear before the player, from which he must choose just one and take control of it. Each faction differs from the others with many personal traits. Each has an individual story guide, a strategic company, and architectural and building structures. These factions represent and are conventionally divided into five countries: the Roman Empire, Babylon, Asia, Greece and Egypt. The theme of the project will make us forget about reality and take us through the distant centuries. Here you can, starting from the Stone Age, learn how to develop and lead your civilization. In your hands all the trumps, build a metropolis, develop the economy, trade, develop military companies, conquer enemy cities in a fair fight. If your project will develop successfully, the player will be able to pass with him through many eras of history. Well, as a reward for successful gameplay and the most developed country, you can get kinds of new weapons, technical equipment and a complete change of equipment. You can play this game alone or online with eight players.

Pax Romana

A historical, economic simulation game set in the real time of ancient Rome, saw the light of day in 2003. The main task of the player in this project, to become a real virtual emperor of the Roman Empire and make his country the most developed and prosperous in the world. This will help you in the optimal promotion and development of economic resources and competent domestic and foreign policy. It is necessary to keep your army fit and ready for action. Strengthen your army, making it numerous and strong. Monitor the defensive capacity of your state, not allowing it to fall into decay. Initially the gamer will be managing an underdeveloped state, to strengthen it you must develop your own strategy and move simultaneously in several directions. In the first place, it is necessary to pay attention to the development of technological capabilities of the country, resource extraction, construction, modernization. The army, too, is one of the paramount tasks that must be solved and resolved. It is on her that the inner peace of your state depends. If everything is properly and competently distributed, all doors will be open before your civilization. This and new, undeveloped territories, and interesting innovative units. The army will be under constant threat, at any moment it can be attacked by nomads and cause irreparable damage.


The historical game, tells us about the events that took place in Japan in the 16th century. Economic simulator was released in 2011. The player will be able to feel like a real master of the time, the feudal lord. The task of the player to bring together all the peoples of the eastern countries, combining them into a strong coalition. Well, the player himself will become a wise and noble ruler, who will rule his country for many years. The game is equipped with a global map, which is located 350 different parts of the country. The player, as a true strategist, will manage and lead the country, thanks to a detailed map, control his power. By conquering nearby countries, the gamer will be able to create a huge empire.

08 September 2022