It's shuddering to contemplate a list of the worst and darkest virtual universes

It's no secret that the dark. Dark and mysterious worlds in video games are very popular. A lot of great examples can be found in books, in which serious moral questions are raised and the heroes are put through difficult trials. Or movies, which also have a considerable number of worthy representatives. Although countless quality and exciting projects have been released to date, video games are also not going to give up their positions.

Diablo video game series

One of the most acclaimed and to this day popular and many players franchise. The graphical part of the game project is fully consistent with the dark, fantasy setting. Each location is a dangerous, full of violence territory. Choosing a character with individual skills and weaponry that suits your preference, we will have to face many different opponents. The living dead or skeletons, as well as the most powerful demonic creatures will challenge you. As you explore this unfriendly world, you will notice more than once the decay it is in. When human settlements cannot fearlessly leave their huts and shelters without becoming another victim of ruthless monsters. Improve your combat skills and explore dungeons full of dangers and mysteries, enchanting with their ominous and mysterious appearance. Many levels of dark dungeons, where the source of light is a faint torch, or even have to go without lighting. Each dungeon has its own story and the inhabitants that inhabit it. Although the third part does not boast the same bleak picture of the game world, its graphics became brighter and clearer. It still gives you the feeling of that dystopian fictional world in fantasy setting that many players still enjoy. More than once you will want to repeat these creepy journeys and explore places you have never seen before. The many dangerous creatures that inhabit this universe will not let you get bored and will immediately challenge your strength and ability to avoid deadly traps and ambushes.

Dark Souls video game series

Another popular representative of one of the darkest game worlds of our time, which is still considered a standard of quality. Not only is the world of this franchise a tense, hopeless and fading world. But the main occupation of the player during the gameplay will be overcoming and improving their own skills. After all, the enemies are strong and intimidating just by their appearance. Each of your enemies will make you think of a strategy during combat. After all, the character we play for can't die for good. Every time he is defeated, he will be able to fight again. And even the seemingly invincible opponent, with the proper approach, won't be able to defeat you for long. The franchise takes place in a fantasy world during the Middle Ages. There are dragons and knights roaming the ruined kingdom, stubbornly guarding their territory from outsiders. A world once ruled by mighty intelligent dragons is now experiencing its worst times and is close to oblivion. For after the fall of the last of the dragon clan, a group of capable wizards put an end to the history of the old world. From that moment on, chaos and endless warfare enveloped the world. Epidemics, the undead, and even the rightful rulers have lowered their arms in the face of hardship and despair. Life in this world is no longer worth living. Only the will to survive and death on every corner. But no matter how many times you have to die, there is always hope. Overcoming difficulties on your way and exploring interesting, full of mystery and intrigue world of Dark Souls will give you a lot of memories and rich game experience.

Dragon Age Series

Another great representative of dark fantasy in the medieval setting, which has interested a huge number of players around the world. Dragon Age gives us a wonderful fictional world, full of intrigue and treachery. When many races willy-nilly coexist together and try to survive. Ruthless medieval world doesn't forgive mistakes and weakness. But to survive here is not enough just to be strong. You are not always able to cope with this or that problem alone. So you have to have loyal friends and partners to help you in battle or with useful advice. In a world full of cruelty and injustice, it is better to have those who will support you in difficult situations. The protagonist and his comrades-in-arms will have to challenge the endless army of monsters that, after so many years of silence, have gathered their forces and attacked our lands. The Order of the Grey Guardians sees in you the salvation of mankind and other races inhabiting the game world. You will not only defend the territories of your allies and take part in fierce battles with the invaders. But also to see with their own eyes the urgent problems of this dark and hopeless world. You will also be allowed to plunge headfirst into the political intrigue and confrontation of different races. It's up to your actions and words to decide what the world will be like in the end. Are you ready to help those in need or decide to leave everything to its fate. Franchise games do not limit you in the choice of your own passage.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

A world populated by bloodthirsty vampires cannot be considered safe. You never know what will happen to you on the street today. The game is set in the dystopian setting of a modern American city populated by powerful vampires. You'll take on the role of a budding vampire yourself, not yet familiar with the rules of this mysterious society. Multiple vampire clans control the entire city. Each one has its own methods of government. Some prefer order and control over their streets, while others run amok at night and attack defenseless victims to quench their thirst. This grim and unfriendly town will immediately pull you in. Lots of interesting locations that reek of mystery. Interesting and colorful characters with whom you will go all the way from beginning to end. The vampire clans obey the strictest rule of The Masquerade - no one must know of the existence of vampires. Anyone who violates the Masquerade will be eliminated. For the more a vampire gives vent to his lust, the more he stands out among humans, giving away his bestial appearance. Gloomy and dark Los Angeles will become home to you, as well as many otherworldly creatures who do not want to come out in the scorching rays of light. Take the side of one of several warring factions and get to know this dark and unfriendly world for wimps. And don't forget that people must not find out about your existence. Your life and the fate of your clan depends on it.

07 September 2022