"tankroyale.io" Game

Original title: tankroyale.io


Become the last person to be killed on the battlefield. Earn medals and gold for this. Unlock unique skills and abilities. Reach the top in the online game rankings.

Get on the tank and win.

Choose America, Europe or Asia to create a battle royale against gamers from all over the world. Make your choice and get into the game. Each battle involves 6 players. From the first seconds do not waste time and shoot your opponents from the tank. A greater number of eliminated opponents will bring you closer to victory. Do not get caught in the crossfire of opponents. The last surviving player wins the round.

At the end of each level you'll get a level upgrade and a certain amount of gold. At the start of the tank for the shooting present only rapid missiles. You can buy ammunition and special skills for the earned gold. Buy explosive missiles and mines, jerk or shield, even invisibility for a while. After analyzing your arsenal you can invent and test your own strategy that will help you overcome the most cunning and powerful opponents.

Hurry up and do your best to win the current competition season. Share special links with your friends, so you won't have to play the game on Zarium alone. Playing as a team will be truly mega-cool and will bring advancement in the rankings