"Zombie Factory Tycoon" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Zombie Factory Tycoon


Games about zombies are very popular. But, unfortunately, most often developers offer us to try on the role of survivors, who are fighting against the risen dead one way or another (but, most often, destroying them with a cool weapon). But our game will give you a unique opportunity - find yourself on the other side! You won't just be an ordinary zombie, but essentially a gray cardinal who takes charge of the goofy dead and helps them capture a huge group of survivors who have carelessly made their way onto one of the main streets of a big city. You can do this by using the icons at the top of the screen - those zombies you can use will be highlighted. They all have different abilities. You have to buy them with coins: don't worry, you can earn them by successfully devouring survivors!


Click on the zombies icon to spawn your zombies, let them kill the peoples, and earn moneys to buy another zombies.