"Tank VS Minions" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Tank VS Minions


Oh no damn minions, they're coming from everywhere! What is mankind to do? Who can we rely on? Well, it may not save all of humanity, but it will save you. It's a real tank! Which you can use in Tank VS Minions. You're defending against the eternal coming at you minions of God knows what, and with each wave more and more of them. But it's good that you have your trusty friend the tank, which will not let them come close and they can not hurt you. Use the left mouse button to play and click on the sight on the screen to shoot, if of course you're on the phone, then click your finger on the touch screen. Kill as many as you can with the tank shells. One can only wish you luck in saving humanity, or at least, yourself.


Press Shoot to kill each minions