"MTB Hill Bike Rider" Game

Original title: MTB Hill Bike Rider


MTB Hill Bike Rider is a fun game of agility. Have you ever really traversed hilly terrain on a bicycle? No? Maybe it's better that you try to do it in the game first, to get an idea of all the difficulties that lie in wait for you on the way. It's easy to steer your bike on a level road, but when most of the way is hilly and wooded, you have to try not to fall out of the saddle. To overcome each track takes time, which must be kept within, if you expect to get points for their actions. Try to see the obstacles on the way - the rocks and trees - in time to avoid them, and then you will definitely finish the race first. But if you suddenly fall down, don't get upset, just start the level again and try not to repeat past mistakes this time.


Use WASD to ride.