"Choly Drop Food" Game

Original title: Choly Drop Food


As a child, many members of the older generation played "edible - not edible. This game in its own way resembles it. But if before you had to go out and gather with friends, now you can just go to the appropriate online game.

Catch edible items in the game Choly Drop Food

On the playing field is the main character. Different kinds of objects will fall from the top. Need to catch a variety of edible berries and fruits. At the same time will fall non-edible items such as shells or bombs. They must be avoided. The slightest touch to such items will lead to the end of the game. Each level has certain rules. For example, catch seven apples, etc. After passing one level the tasks will only become more difficult. But more difficult tasks will cause interest in the players. Try downloading Choly Drop Food right now!