"Rolling Ball 3D" Game

Original title: Rolling Ball 3D


Rolling Ball 3D is a labyrinthine puzzle game. Do you want to pass a complex labyrinth that has appeared in the three-dimensional world? In front of you is a great way to test your strength and try to overcome all the difficulties in the game. First you will see the road that goes in an unknown direction through the hilly terrain. In addition to the constant elevations, there are also gorges and other obstacles for the traveler. You will not be walking with your feet, but will turn into a balloon, which at high speed will try to overcome all this not too hospitable territory. Keep your fingers on the control keys, because without your help the ball will not be able to get around obstacles by itself. So try to circle it in time around the pits, not to let it fall into traps, and if you can, to jump over the obstacle. For your observation you will be rewarded with points.


Use arrows to play.