"PuzzleGuys Hearts" Game

Original title: PuzzleGuys Hearts


Before the start of the half, cards are exchanged according to the scheme: On the 1st, 5th... 3 cards are dealt clockwise; on the 2nd, 6th...3 cards are dealt counterclockwise; on the 3rd, 7th... 3 cards are exchanged "crosswise"; on every 4th round the cards are not moved; First turn for the two of clubs. Then the turn is passed clockwise until all participants have discarded a card. The one whose card was the highest value takes the bribe and makes the next turn. A full game consists of several halves. The number of points received during a half corresponds to the number of cards of the hearts suit in a player's bribe. The winner is the holder of the lowest number of points. The game uses a standard deck of 52 cards.


Detailed rules of 'Hearts' are within the game.