"Papers.io Mania" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Papers.io Mania


Papers.io Mania is a multi-player game. You have to fight for the whole territory to get the crown of the leader. Your task is to take over the whole field, everything that is visible to the eye. You can start with a small patch of land and step by step to expand its possessions. Before you do this, outline the territory. Try to avoid colliding with your tail and the edges of the map so that you don't suffer and start all over again. Also, you will die if your tail is attacked by your opponents. To win, you have to lure your opponent into your territory and call them away from your base. If you run into one, the chances of winning are about the same. If there is no other chance to save yourself, collide!


You have two goals:
1. Take up as much space as you can by leaving your already conquered space and returning back to it to enlarge it.
2. Kill all other players/AI by running into their trail. But beware! Colliding with your own trail or the bounds of the playing field kills you!