"Mazda 3 Sedan Puzzle" Game

Original title: Mazda 3 Sedan Puzzle


It's time to keep your brain toned with the Mazda 3 Sedan Puzzle game. Provide a unique opportunity for car lovers to put together a car puzzle. There are five cars to choose from with striking graphics. All images feature a super cool and fast car - Mazda 3 in a limited edition version. You have to solve puzzles and pass different levels of difficulty. There are four modes for each of the pictures, these are for 16 pieces, 36 pieces, 64 pieces and 100 pieces. It makes sense that one of the most simplified options is 16 pieces, then a reminiscent level of difficulty is added. The last, at 100 pieces - one of the most complex, already more professional. Collect puzzles and open up new horizons!