"Guns & Bottles" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Guns & Bottles


Those who love shooting ranges are sure to be fascinated by this game, because bottle shooting is considered to be one of the most common recreational options for them. The sound of broken glass means that you managed to hit the target directly. But in Guns & Bottles the developers did their best and went even further. They made the task more difficult for skilled and experienced shooters. The gun will be placed in the middle of the field and it will rotate all the time. Around it will be moving bottles on a rectangular trajectory. You will need to catch the moment when the muzzle is pointed directly at the target and press the weapon to make the shot. Shoot down three bottles in a row and you can get a reward of five coins. Do not shoot at the red bottles, as the game will end. If you collect enough money, you can buy a new gun.


Tap to shoot