Garage Car parking Simulator Game

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Original title: Garage Car parking Simulator Game


Garage Car Parking Simulator Game is a fun learning game for boys. It is not enough to know how to drive a car, you must also learn how to park competently. Real parking simulator can interest not only children, but also adults. This game presents a variety of parking options that may well be encountered in real life. For example, you need to park your car backwards between two other cars, and you should do it quickly, without damaging your own and other people's cars. After starting the game, you will get the route and the destination. Going on the road, you will need to make periodic stops in different places. Depending on the level of difficulty, you will have to park in simple or inaccessible areas. Here you need to be careful and cautious, because after you press "start", you become a full participant in the road! A special drive from the game you get more because you will have to park for a while. If you do not have time or parking will be unsuccessful, then the entire way will have to go again. Depending on your chosen level of difficulty, you'll need to use a variety of parking options: parallel, straight line. Game action takes place not only on the parking lot, than is of interest to experienced gamers. Put your car will need hard to reach places. It is important to park carefully, without crashing into nearby objects, otherwise you will be credited with the defeat. Depending on the level of difficulty, you will get a car of various sizes: trucks, sports cars, minivans, etc. Passing all levels of this game, you will learn all the subtleties of parking, which can be applied in real life.


- Play with Arrow keys and Space