"Bob The Robber 5 Temple Adventure" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Bob The Robber 5 Temple Adventure


It's time for you to abandon your domestic routine and join the plucky Bob the Robber, who loves adventure. This time Bob, wearing his robber mask, will break into a mysterious Egyptian temple in order to get the hidden treasure in its depths. Will he be able to commit this audacious crime from the first time, depends only on your skills and quick reaction. Because inside the temple, Bob will have a hard time. He will face a battle with professional guards, trained in the techniques of capture. Having defeated the guards, the robber will come across scary mummies, which he will also have to deal with, but even after the mummies don't expect peace - the eyes of the scowling animated statues are already watching you. Bob the Robber's terrifyingly exciting adventures begin. Stay tuned!


Move Bob by using the arrow keys. Press left to move left and press right to move right. Use the up key to interact with coins or enemies.