"Animals Mahjong" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Animals Mahjong


Animals Mahjong is a children's version of the classic mahjong. If you want to get acquainted with this game, then you have such an opportunity. The rules are still the same, you just need to find chips with the same animals and connect them.

On each level you will have a different working field. The design will depend on the difficulty. Also, the task will be limited in time. Watch the timer on the sidebar so you don't miss anything. Here, too, you'll be able to monitor your scores. It should be recalled that the rules of mahjong are quite simple and straightforward. You can connect only those tokens that have at least two sides open. If the pair you need is in the middle of the construction, or other chips are adjacent to it, you will not be able to create a combination. First, unlock it from its neighbors. It is best to start with the outermost pieces, which serve as a frame.


Use any pointing device or touch device to play this game.