"Toyota Supra Puzzle" Game

Original title: Toyota Supra Puzzle


Did you know that the iconic car Toyota Supra appeared in the seventies of the last century, but at the beginning of the new millennium its production stopped? However, just recently, the sports car has appeared in car dealerships again! Many people have fallen in love with the legendary model because of the cult game Need for Speed (this car appeared in all parts!). And we think that you remember how Paul Walker drove a Toyota Supra in the popular movie "Fast and Furious". The developers of this puzzle decided to pay tribute to this truly legendary car. Inside you will find six pictures of Toyota Supra cars in red. Choose any one! After that the image will disintegrate into small pieces (their number will depend on the selected difficulty mode). Try your hand at this and try to collect the picture from a hundred pieces! Match the pieces, move them to the field and connect them. Your reward will be a full-size picture of the car.