"Stick Duel : Medieval Wars" Game

Original title: Stick Duel : Medieval Wars


At first glance, Stickmen are very funny little people, but in an instant they seem to be transformed into evil beings who want to destroy each other in any way they can. They have drunken duels on the roof of the house, then they fight with children's toys in the basement of an abandoned house. This time they decided to have a duel, armed with a medieval weapon. The tournament is very similar to the one the knights once staged. But instead of horses, our restless boys will use small wagons and drive them standing up. Swords, axes and other weapons are attached to long pikes, which creates additional inconvenience. How many rounds there will be is not known, but the one who first collects five stars will win. It's not hard to earn a star. You just need to raise your opponent to the top of his spear. You can play with friends, it will be much more fun.


Left Player Move : A - D keys or Touch
Right Player Move : Right and Left arrow keys or Touch