"Shimmer and Shine Wardrobe Cleaning" Game

Original title: Shimmer and Shine Wardrobe Cleaning


Our two favorite genies, Shimmer and Shine, think it's a good time to clean out their closet. But to do so, they need a little help from you. They have a big pile of clothes in the middle of the room that they need to sort through. They will start picking up the clothes one by one and give them to you to clean up. Then take the basket and go to Shimmer's closet. Pick out the items one by one and hang the clothes in the closet, the shoes underneath, and the accessories on a separate shelf. There are also old dirty clothes there that you should just toss in the trash. Then you can do the same with Shine's closet, and finally you can dress up the two Genies using items from the cleaned and laid out closets. Have a great time playing this game. No one likes to clean out their closet, and genies are no exception. In Shimmer and Shine Wizard Cleaning, your job is to help the genies organize their closet, put their clothes, shoes, and accessories in their places, and then help them pick out cute outfits for their day. It's time to use your organizational skills and fashion sense in this fun dress-up game. Get excited and have fun.


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