"Jet Ski Puzzle" Game

Original title: Jet Ski Puzzle


In the hot summertime, many vacationers prefer to spend time riding jet skis. If you belong to these lovers of active recreation, then quick start the game Jet Ski Puzzle. This is a simple but fascinating game that will require your attention and perseverance. After starting the game you will see a lot of different pictures. Your task is to choose the most suitable one and click on it, the picture will be opened. After that, it will break into a lot of puzzles. Your task is to collect from the dispersed parts, the picture and find its name. All this takes only two minutes. This game has several levels of difficulty. The faster you collect the first image, the sooner you will open the next one. With each level it will be harder and harder to collect puzzles. For each collected puzzle, you will get points. Want to test how long you can cope with a seemingly childish game? Then start Jet Ski Puzzle and start stacking pictures!


Use mouse to play this html5 jet ski games.