"Color Rope 3D" Game

Original title: Color Rope 3D


The entire gameplay of Color Rope 3D on Zarium promises to be exciting and vibrant. The game itself is easy, but it will require you to add some logic chains. That's why the game belongs to the series of puzzles.

Be on the hook

The conditions of the game is simple. On the playing field there are several hooks and ropes of different colors. Your task is to connect two hooks, for example, yellow, with one rope. Its color must match the color of the hooks, that is, in our case, the rope must be yellow. It is easy when there is only one rope in the game, but if there is more than one?

Then the task becomes more difficult. After all, the game requires that the ropes must not cross each other or touch each other. If they do, they change color, get darker and become unusable. Note that during the game you will have a variety of auxiliary items that can help.