"Bowmastery zombies" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Bowmastery zombies


Bowmastery zombies will appeal to all fans of the zombie theme and math calculations. No, no, there won't be complicated formulas and problems about pools and pipes. The point is that the main character of the game is an archer who wants to kill dumb-ass zombies. But if in the first levels it was easy to kill these brainless ghouls, because they were literally standing in front of you and did not emit any danger. At the next levels things are a little bit more complicated at first, and then a lot more complicated. The fact is that the zombies are further positioned behind various shelters and other objects. Hit with a straight shot does not work, so you need to think about the trajectory by which the arrow will ricochet and hit a living dead guy. There are situations where just a zombie is, but a pole and then you have to shoot upwards so that the arrow will eventually, collapsing back down, hit your opponent. The difficulty also lies in the fact that the shooter has a limited number of arrows. Therefore, you need to calculate the flight as accurately as possible to earn points. Also, in the case of two or more zombies in a mission, after each killed monster the number of arrows increases.


Touch (or mouse click) to shoot