"Adam and Eve 5 Part 1" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Adam and Eve 5 Part 1


Who would have thought that the first man on earth had such a full life?! But it seems this hero will not rest until he finds his true soul mate. Adam's previous love turned out to be a fake and he had to flee. But the real Eve lives somewhere and she has to be found. The hero will have a serious test. Will he have enough logical skills to complete all the tasks? But you can not allow the story of creation of the world and did not start? Then take control of the process in your own hands and go with Adam in search of his true love. You'll have to move through the levels, solving puzzles and interacting with objects. With each level the tasks will become more and more difficult, but you will surely be able to reach the finale of this wonderful story. Use the objects in the right order to move on to the next scene.


Use your mouse/finger to interact with objects on the scenes.