Snakes and Ladders : the game

Game screenshots
Original title: Snakes and Ladders : the game


Virtual version of the popular board game Snakes and Ladders: the game is designed for a great time in the company of friends. The online game can be attended by up to 4 players. To start, choose your character - one of the colorful snakes. Then roll the die one by one and move up the playing field on the cells on the fallen out number of points. Some playing squares contain images of stairs or slides, which can speed up or slow you through the game. The first can take you up through several cells, the second, on the contrary, contributes to the descent down. The winner is the one who first gets to the finish cell number 100. You can play on cell phones or tablets.


You can play up to 4 players on the same screen. Tap to use the dice, then move your pawn according to the number you get. The one who reaches exactly on the number 100 is the winner.