"Epic Race 3D" Game

Original title: Epic Race 3D


Playing the arcade game Epic Race 3D you will find yourself in an incredible competition stuntmen. Your task is to bring your character to the finish line not only first, but also unharmed. Participating in the race for survival is considered an incredible honor for stickmen. To become one of the lucky ones, you have to pass the qualifying round and prove that you are worthy of the race. On the day of the race, all Stickmen leave their homes to take a seat on the podium. The spectators are exhausted with anticipation, and want to see who will be the best this time. Don't disappoint the spectators and give it your all in the race. You should be prepared for the fact that ahead of you is not just a track, but a real runway with deadly obstacles. You will need to avoid the traps, and most importantly - try not to get under the huge pressure.