"Dodge Challenger SRT8 Puzzle" Game

Original title: Dodge Challenger SRT8 Puzzle


You can choose from six images in the perfect puzzle game. All six images with the Dodge Challenger SRT8 sports car. Try to collect all the puzzles and keep your brain toned.

Collect and drive.

You will have four game modes for each of the six images. You can choose from 16 images. 36, 64 and 100 pieces. Choose your difficulty level and enjoy the process of collecting the puzzle. Even a child can solve the 16 pieces puzzle. To simplify the process of collecting the picture on the playing field will be a picture - a shadow of the future masterpiece. The game time is not limited. To complicate the game you can turn the puzzle piece clockwise.

At the top of the screen there is a timer for the time spent on the puzzle. At the end of the level you get points for collecting the picture. The less times you moved the puzzle pieces over the playing field the more points you have. And the less time you spend on it, the more pleasant the score will be.

You can always go back to the collection of pictures you like. Collect together with friends and family! Only the online game Dodge Challenger SRT8 Puzzle on Zarium will give you the unforgettable joy of collecting a sports car.