Game "Department 4"

Game "Department 4"
  • Game size:
  • Release date:
    28 November 2009
  • Operating system:
    Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Minimum requirements
  • CPU:
  • RAM:
  • Graphics card:
    256Mb, DirectX 9
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Game description

Department 42 is conducting the most unusual investigations. Now the situation there is very explosive. And all because the employees are in a state of stress, because humanity is threatened by disaster. Nine magical relics serving the dark forces, went to the world to look for their new owners. When they all fit into safe hands, there will be nine servants of Satan in the world.

The Department has sent its best agents to search for the relics and disarm them. But your help will still be relevant, so feel free to embark on the mission, especially since your partner will be Alice Wright, an agent with the rank of Lieutenant with maximum open access.

One of the dark relics, the necklace, has already found a new owner. Whoever has it can become a werewolf of incredible power. The department has received word of the murder of three hunters in one of the woods by some unseen monster. Clearly this is a werewolf, but how do you find it? Search for clues at the murder scene, search for the items on the list, and follow the trail to the Moonlight Bar.

There awaits you a very difficult puzzle, but it is possible to solve it, you only need to use the items found earlier. The clues will help to move in the right direction, but the tasks will gradually become more and more difficult. Try to be attentive, so you can become the most professional agent.

There are nine levels ahead, and each one is dedicated to finding one of the artifacts. You will be pleased with stunning graphics, and if you want you can even avoid the confusing mini-game for the sake of career advancement. All in all, surprises are guaranteed for you.