"Dacia Sandero Puzzle" Game

Original title: Dacia Sandero Puzzle


The cute and handy family car Dacia Sandero wants to get to know you better! She has sent you 6 photos and she is trying to become your friend in a puzzle game on Zarium.

That's the luck of the draw to drive a Dacia to the cottage!

Dacia took pictures with her girlfriend from all angles to appear irresistible in the photo. Choose your favorite picture and set the level of difficulty, which will split the frame into 16, 36, 64, or even 100 fragments. Boom! Asked for - don't complain! Unlike a car crash, in a puzzle, you can restore everything without too much hassle.

It is enough to use your imaginative and logical thinking and attention to quickly and accurately restore the relationship between the piece and the whole. Secretly, we whisper: you are always available hints!

Play, enjoy the beautiful vehicles and train your brain with us at Zarium.