Best Russian online games

We are already used to multiplayer hits made in America, Korea or, for example, China. But what about Russian developers? They have long ago proved that they are very good at it - just remember the world-famous War Thunder, Escape from Tarkov and Crossout. For us, Russian online games are only and uniq in the World to let you feel Russian Soul, and in case of any problems the support service will always understand you. Of course, not all of these projects are equally good, but let's discuss the most quality and popular ones today.

War Thunder

This is the main work of Gaijin Entertainment, where the developers have combined the battles of military equipment on land, sea and air. Here you can take control of different models of tanks, SAU, anti-aircraft guns, airplanes, helicopters, UAVs, boats, cruisers or destroyers of the Cold War to organize grandiose battles on spacious maps. And the authors didn't limit themselves to the design of vehicles. All types of vehicles have characteristics like maneuverability and armor thickness, and different types of ammunition operate in accordance with the laws of physics - up to the dispersion of shrapnel inside the cabin after penetrating the hull.
War Thunder offers three types of fights: "Arcade", "Realistic Battles" and "Simulation". The first mode is good for beginners, as it has increased speed, durability, ease of aiming and other parameters. Switching to "Realism", you will not only shoot, but also monitor the integrity of your vehicle - in a tank, for example, an accurate enemy shot can disable the engine or mechanic-driver, after which you will be stuck in place, and the airplane risks to break down in flight from overloads. The third mode, in turn, forces you to put up with the sluggishness of the equipment, the lack of markers over allies and extremely complex control. In general, everyone will be able to choose the style of firefights, which is more to his liking.

Escape from Tarkov

Battlestate Games studio has created not a game, but a whole phenomenon. The online shooter Escape from Tarkov is extremely popular, although it has been in beta testing for several years. It amazes with the realism of battles and weapon models, but its action takes place in a fantastic and grotesque universe, where one of the factions are hobos in rags. The rules of battles are simple at first glance: you must enter the location, collect loot and exit at a special point without losing your character. However, this is extremely difficult to accomplish, and every defeat leads to the loss of all equipment and things in your backpack, except for the contents of a small pouch.
The game is designed for those who are ready to learn. You have to explore each of the seven maps in order not to get lost at the crucial moment, learn the basics of tactics, perform quests to develop your personal shelter, choose the right equipment for outings and not carry everything with you, memorize the characteristics of guns, ammunition and armor elements. But even this does not guarantee success, because no one has canceled random ambushes, and in Tarkov you should rely not only on your own skill, but also on luck. The more valuable is each victory. When you leave the location without wounds, carrying a bag full of trophies on your back, you feel as if you've won a real battle. However, such bright emotions are not available for free - EFT is sold in three versions on the official website.


And here is an example of a bold experiment that quickly gained public recognition. Several enthusiasts got the idea to combine S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Minecraft in one MMO game - and they succeeded. Here you survive in the middle of the Exclusion Zone, exploring anomalies for artifacts and warming up with other stalkers around campfires. Battles with mutants are interspersed with quiet moments when you can take a task from a character in a peaceful village, buy ammunition from a merchant or sort supplies into inventory pockets. And all this - in the familiar to many "cubic" style.
From the start, the Stalcraft user is given a choice between two sides of the conflict - stalkers and bandits, which determines the initial terrain where you take your first tasks. Then the adventure takes you further and further, opening legendary locations - from "Kordon" to the ruins of Chernobyl. Pleasant memories are brought back and skirmishes with zombies, and shooting at "Monolith" fighters. And on the way you meet heroes under other gamers - with them you can create a squad, clean up together a nest of monsters, trade or just have a few words. Since this is an MMORPG, there is also a pumping system with a reputation level. The game is available for free, so anyone can join it.


Another free-to-play post-apocalypse, but without radiation and mutants, but on wheels. Crossout depicts a world reminiscent of the "Mad Max" movie series. Civilization in it was destroyed by a mysterious virus, and surviving people began to fight for power over the ruins, fighting among themselves on homemade armored vehicles. Players take the role of such heroes and personally assemble their war machines. You have limitations on energy and mass, but otherwise you can give free rein to your imagination: you can add more armor or, on the contrary, focus on guns to the detriment of defense, build a tank for close combat or a self-propelled vehicle that hits enemies at a great distance. There are hundreds of modules in Targem Games' project, and the fiddling in the hangar touches the designer inside each of us
There are seven factions fighting for resources in Crossout - "Mechanics", "Rabbids", "Steppe Wolves", "Scavengers", "Firebenders", "Wanderers" and "Children of Dawn". Each of them offers different units for vehicles and is characterized by its own style of combat. Therefore, the pumping is based on gaining reputation points from one of these factions - this way you'll get equipment for your vehicles, and get a partner who will strengthen one of the sides of your vehicle during the battle. Matches are played in several modes. In missions two teams of 8 people capture each other's bases, in "Control" - neutral fortifications, and "Scuffle" is conducted until the complete destruction of the enemy's equipment. There are also raids, where you need to complete a chain of tasks, and clan battles of "4 on 4" format.

Next RP

This MMO game is called "Russia simulator" for a reason. Starting as a fan modification of GTA: San Andreas, the project eventually became independent and gathered a whole army of fans. After registering and creating a hero you get into a virtual Moscow, where everyone performs their role - there are, for example, medics, military, police, bandits, couriers, drivers, farmers and other laborers. The complexity of wagering depends on the server you get on. Somewhere to sign up as a soldier is enough to come to the recruiting station and talk to a senior in rank, and somewhere you will have to memorize the charter and pass formation training. But whichever option you choose, everything in Next RP is based on social interaction - the world of the game lives by the rules of the "sandbox".
There is no common plot here. Everyone chooses his own way, living by the rules of the faction to which he joined. And with this are associated and tasks that allow you to gain weight in society and earn virtual currency. In case of success you can buy yourself real estate and get a black "Boomer" to drive it on Red Square or around the Ostankino TV tower. Hanging out with friends, battles with enemies, races and other competitions - the set of possibilities in the game is the same as in GTA. But the entourage repeats the Russian realities of the 1990s, which gives the project a special weight in the hearts of Russian gamers.

"Allods Online."

The roots of this MMORPG go back to 1998, when the Russian company Nival released "our answer" to the two-dimensional Heroes of Might & Magic and King's Bounty, which at that time stood on every second computer. The game "Allods" gave rise to a whole series, which became the first success of Russian developers in the international arena (excluding, of course, the Soviet "Tetris"). And in the fall of 2010 was the release of "Allods Online" under the auspices of the company My.Games. The project, on the one hand, inherited the foundations of the classics of the genre, and on the other - offered some original features like wandering on ships in the Astral and references to the subculture of soccer fans in the form of the race of orcs.
Even the global scenario recalls familiar motifs. In particular, one of the two warring factions, the Empire, is reminiscent of the USSR, and the League with its cults imitates ancient Russia. It is the story quests that fuel interest, when quests like "kill ten monsters" are getting old. Following the example of other MMORPG "Allods" offer a variable role-playing system with six races and a dozen classes, activity in PvP and PvE modes, as well as one of the best guild mechanics at the moment, opening actually the game within the game. Another plus - to go in search of adventure can be, as it is now customary, for free.


Gaijin Entertainment has switched its focus from military combat to infantry action during World War II. Although Enlisted allows you to take control of a tank, car or airplane, the main actions of the shooter unfold on the ground. And you fight not with a separate hero, but with the whole squad - while you control one character from the group, the rest are under the control of AI. This solution leads to the fact that all the battles in the game look really massive, and good results are shown even by beginners. If it's difficult to fight with people, nothing prevents you from clicking computer dummies with a rifle - for this you also get a reward.
The action game is notable for the fact that all matches take place in historical locations. There are several campaigns, including Invasion of Normandy, Battle of Berlin, and Battle of Stalingrad, all divided into match locations. Playing as either the Red Army or the Wehrmacht, you can fight for a train station in Berlin or repel an attack on Moscow. Among the modes there is "Capture", when you need to take control of points on the map, and "Invasion", where you need to take turns storming enemy defenses. The role-playing side of things is simple: the more experience you have, the more powerful units you open, and they are accompanied by different types of weapons and the tree pumping.


"Caliber is a team-based tactical shooter, somewhat similar to Rainbow Six: Siege and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, only its system requirements are the most forgiving, so any computer will do for virtual shootouts. Here you also play for special forces, who fight with criminals all over the world, but before you get down to business you need to choose your fighter and equip him. Developers from the Russian company 1C offer several modes: "Clash", where gamers fight among themselves, "Sweep" with battles against bots, "Onslaught", in which you need to complete a chain of tasks, and "Front", where you are challenged and soldiers under the control of AI, and other users.
A characteristic feature of Caliber that attracts fans of the game is its depiction of operatives of real-life units, including Alfa and Vympel, rapid response units of Germany, Poland, Israel and the USA. Weapons also have real prototypes - here, for example, you can shoot with AKS-74N, AKS-74U, AK-12, "Veprya" and "Saiga". Naturally, as befits an MMO, there is a character pumping, as well as customizing their appearance. In general, an interesting entertainment for everyone who is interested in the topic of special forces, and even free.

Life is Feudal

Who among us has not dreamed at least for an hour or two to go back in time to see how real medieval knights, craftsmen and peasants lived? Bitbox Studio's project is designed to fulfill these dreams. In the multiplayer sandbox role-playing game Life is Feudal: Your Own you start the game as a tramp in tattered pants, but with due diligence and support of your friends you can get lands and title. Neither fairy elves nor magic will help you here, but active actions will. Food can be found on trees, in forests or rivers, and simple equipment can be assembled by yourself from improvised materials.
The main peculiarity of Life is Feudal is that instead of the obligatory for all plot there is a good simulation of the world. There are different biomes, change of weather and time of day, there are wild animals in groves and fish in water bodies. To build something out of wood, you have to cut it down and work it with homemade tools. Every craft, whether it's casting and forging or chipping stone, requires training, and social life is tied to personal interaction between players. If you want to, raid from your village to your neighbor's, or if you don't want to, you can trade. You give them, for example, craft products, and they give you grain and meat. The only thing that the game does not tolerate is rushing. Remember: Moscow was not built at once.

Royal Quest

Let's finish the selection of original MMORPG from the studio Katauri Interactive, which gave us in its time "Space Rangers". The game takes place in the world of Aura, where magic and technology exist side by side, and the main plot resembles a fairy tale - you have to help the ruler to get rid of enemies for half a kingdom and marriage with the princess. But soon the fairy tale is told, but not soon the deed is done. Oppose the hero orcs, demons and undead. To give them a decent fight back, you need to choose a character of one of the four classes (swordsman, marksman, sorcerer or thief) and pump it smartly. And after level 20 - also decide for whom it is easier to fight, for the good guys or the bad guys.
The creators of Royal Quest gave their work a unique style - something between anime and Russian fairy tale. All the basic mechanics of the genre are available, including group raids to dungeons, PvP battles, guild wars, various events and festivals with additional prizes. And conditionally free format allows you to have fun without investing a penny. Unless you want to stand out from the rest of the heroes.

And what Russian online games do you like?

31 July 2023