Monster Truck 2 Player Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Monster Truck 2 Player Game


You will need to drive in the best possible way to score as many points as possible by winning all the races you start here. our special track port. All the 3D monster trucks you find in this new racing game will be specially ported and customized to make you the fastest two player racers from our website, and for that you will need to show it inside this new two player. racing game in which you can win every race we are about to start. This is a special 3D game for boys with trucks, monster trucks, cars and special race tracks designed for all boys. There are 6 levels that get harder as you progress through this series of driving skills games. You have 5 lives in each level. You need to drive your car to the port without wasting your life.


Use game pad or Keyboard Arrow keys for Player 1 and "W" "A" "S" "D" for Player 2.