"Lincoln Corsair Puzzle - GM" Game

Original title: Lincoln Corsair Puzzle - GM


Puzzle making is very interesting, and also very useful. During the game you train important skills and your brain. Today we offer you to get acquainted with a cool SUV Lincoln Corsair.

Assemble bright puzzles in the game Lincoln Corsair Puzzle - GM

We've collected for you the coolest pictures of everyone's famous Lincoln Corsair SUV. However, someone spoiled them - cut them into small fragments. Now you need to restore them.

To start, choose your favorite picture and the difficulty of the game. The harder the game, the more fragments. You will have a few seconds to memorize the picture. After that it will break into small fragments, which will be placed on the playing field.

Your task is to move the center of the field one piece at a time and connect them to each other. If you make the right move, the pieces will unite with each other, and it will be impossible to tear them apart. So gradually you will be able to restore the original image.

If you have trouble, you can always use the hint.