"Jeep Compass Puzzle" Game

Original title: Jeep Compass Puzzle


The magnificent Jeep Compasses, with which Chrysler has been delighting car enthusiasts since 2006, show us their chic, glitz, luster and other virtues in a luxury puzzle on Zarium. Let's train our memory and critical thinking and collect all 6 pictures!

Look out for the car!

Such a beauty on Zarium just falls in love: a powerful, stylish and sparkling SUV is the perfect embodiment for a puzzle game. Prove you're worthy of each other! Split the picture into 16, 36, 64, or all 100 pieces, and then proceed to auto-assemble.

For the coolest and most adventurous masters of remembering details, there is an option to turn off the clue and rely entirely on your memories and hunches. A time timer will add intrigue to the task at hand, so step on the gas in a game of Jeep Compass Puzzle!