Online game "RF Online"

RF Online
  • Release date:
    21 February 2006
  • Game type:
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  • Operating system:
    Windows XP / 7 / 8 / Vista / 10
  • Minimum requirements
  • CPU:
    Pentium 4 3.0 GHz
  • RAM:
  • Graphics card:
    GeForce 6600 GT / Radeon X1600Pro
  • Disk space:
  • Internet:
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RF Online Game Review

RF Online, or Rising Force, is a massive online role-playing game with a solid track record. In Korea it was released back in 2004, that is, a year after the famous Lineage II. Therefore, here in all the glory of the old school genre: the graphics is plain, it takes a long time to develop to the maximum, and the incomprehensible and unusual - a lot. On the other hand, the variety of role-playing system RF would be the envy of any modern MMO, and the entourage is able to captivate users with a variety of experience, from beginners to level 80 elves. Let's find out what attracts the public these days to the living classics.

Getting to know the game

RF Online combines science fiction and fantasy. Here side by side there are cyborgs and wizards, stepping tanks and ladies in armored bras, fairy groves and ore processing plants. This is the situation on the planet Novus, where the events of the game unfold. A long time ago this world was colonized by people from Earth, but under the influence of local natural forces and scientific experiments the settlers mutated. Some looked like little elves with pointy ears, some grew into giants, some made robots of themselves - in their opinion, for an intelligent creature has enough of a living brain, and the rest can be assembled from the construction set. They would have lived their lives according to their own laws, if the galactic community had not been destroyed by a virus epidemic - a familiar situation, right?
After the cataclysm, previous ties and rules disappeared, worlds were left in isolation, and a resource crisis erupted on Novus. Three races clashed over valuable raw materials, and you're invited to choose sides in the conflict to participate in the so-called Mine Wars. At the start, in the menu of creation of the hero, you can join the Bellato Federation (the same elves, halflings), join the Alliance of Cora, where a lot of tall girls in frank attire hang out, or replace the flesh with steel and plastic to fight on the side of cyborgs Akretia. Also the game offers to decide on a class. The options here seem to be standard - warrior, archer, mage - but you have to make allowance for racial characteristics. That is, the shooters of Akretia and Kora are differently equipped and use unique techniques.

RF Online character editor is not the most elegant, but still allows you to choose a face, hairstyle and clothes - in the case of the robot instead of physiognomy is offered to choose the color of the lamp in his forehead. And then you can either dive straight into the world of wars and adventures, or take the training - it's so detailed here that a newcomer risks getting tired of Rising Force before the fun begins. If you've ever run such entertainments and know the difference between the left and the right mouse button, it's better to skip the training and take on the first tasks. And everything is clear: special strokes on the number keys, M - the map, J - the magazine. However, one question you will definitely have right from the start: how to expand the window with the game in full screen? The menu does not have this setting, and the tutorial does not tell you about it. It turns out that you need to go to the RF Online folder on your computer, find there a configuration file, open it and set the necessary parameters.
Since this is a classic of the genre, there are enough of these inconveniences. For example, you have to find your own destinations for certain missions - without labels or autopilot. A customer may instruct you to kill 25 monsters that inhabit some obscure GS, but no explanation is given. Even the mini-map in the corner of the window doesn't show you where to run. Only after a while you begin to understand that behind the unsophisticated acronym hides the General Staff. And then another surprise awaits - obviously there are no creatures in this building, and they must be tracked behind the walls.

But the lack of modernity of the game is compensated by other things that are rarely seen in projects of recent years. In particular, there is a view switch: run in third-person or first-person - whatever you like. And depending on the chosen race, the starting locations also change. If an adept of the Alliance appears in a palace, reminiscent of the elves' homes from the film "Lord of the Rings", then the austere Akretian begins his journey in something between a temple and a warehouse of spare parts. And all around you here are only your own people. Representatives of other races, with whom yours is at enmity, can't even come to visit, not to mention military sorties, which creates the atmosphere of a club for friends. There are plenty of people around, and everyone is on your side.
From the "native" location through portals you can get to the so-called colonies - the places where you have to fulfill the quests of your race. And here it is quite realistic to run into representatives of hostile nations. In the course of their missions, they do not wander here, but with the purpose of the raid can occur. To prevent experienced players not to jump on newcomers, most maps have a level threshold: if the hero has already pumped up to the correct parameters, he will be let into the territory, and without a chance to fight back - will be sent to get ready further. Only at level 25, gaining experience and strength, you can take part in the main event of RF Online - "Mine Wars". They are held for the right to mine resources, which are then spent on forging weapons and other items of equipment.

Who should be at war with here?

The everyday life of the game's heroes is filled with constant battles. At first, you slay the various critters around the general headquarters of your race. This occupation is relatively safe, because by themselves small creatures do not attack the hero - they will enter the fray only if you hit them first. But here are many surprises: even in the vicinity of the starting location one can wander into a wrong place, and the character will be put down by a monster grazing in the meadow. At the same time it is very difficult to assess the degree of danger of the creature - special icons above them do not blink. However, this is not a problem if you fight only with those monsters that are ordered to you by missions.
Another thing is going to dungeons, or dungeons. With them, it's immediately clear that the most dangerous and evil enemies under the control of artificial intelligence are sitting there, because the reward for their killing is considerable. Here's how it works: you gather a group for a campaign, buy (or get on the hunt) a special key and then open the portal - only your team can enter. Next you have to kill monsters for a while. In addition to prizes, victories in dungees allow you to pump up high level heroes.

Speaking of heroes. Between the three factions is constantly bubbling war for resources. Formed this is very original. Three times a day users with characters from level 25 and above receive an invitation to the battle - if you accept it, you must fulfill a special quest and then teleport to the location with the mines. The goal of each of the races in this area is to destroy a chip (milestone) of a hostile faction. Since the object is well guarded, it is not easy to do this. But the winners, in addition to weapons, armor and upgrades (they are called talikas), get 7 hours of free mining ore - a valuable game resource. If none of the chips are destroyed during the battle, then a draw is declared until the next battle.

What else is there to do?

Of course, along with the war for the mines in RF Online other activities are available. You can join a guild (association of players) and participate in the "Battle of the circle" - this is essentially a showdown between two factions on the basis of the challenge. Guild leaders have the right to make such a challenge - they also set the fee for participation and the location of the fight. In addition, the leaders are able to communicate with representatives of other races in the chat, while ordinary gamers see gibberish instead of words - even this point is taken into account here. And in addition to the war, any hero, even a beginner with the first level, trade is available.
The auction here functions in the manner of a real market, with supply and demand dynamics, scarcity, and price fluctuations. Since the game currency, platinum and gold, can only be obtained as a result of battles, quests and trade, there is a constant circulation of goods. That someone is trying to sell a batch of ore, the hunter puts up for sale the trophies from the killed monsters, the shooter gives a cheap extra ammunition - anyone can make money on anything. To dress up the hero properly, some players do nothing but shuttle between the monster pastures and the trading terminal in the General Staff.

Features of the role system

The highlight of the game is how abilities are revealed as you level up. The set of classes, seemingly standard at the stage of creating the hero, in the course of the game acquires additional specializations, and it turns out that in RF Online a lot of unique professions. For example, the shooter from Acretia at level 30 can become either the owner of the most destructive weapons on the battlefield, or saboteur, causing extensive damage from the rear - for both activities are responsible for five subclasses with their own characteristics. And in Bellato, skilled shooters are used for long-range attacks, stealth and protection of comrades-in-arms. In other words, race here is not just a type of appearance and a matter of taste, it largely determines the options for character development, directly affecting its tactical potential.
In addition, in a special way is arranged and pumping. If in other online games there is a scheme where you just put experience into levels and make your character stronger, here it is a bit different. Growing in levels does require experience, yes, but it is much more important to gain PT - combat efficiency points. They are gained by using some skills: for example, the longer you wield a sword the more painful your blows become, and this index depends on the level. So buying armor and weapons for real money is not very decisive here - in any case, without practice. And the owners of paid premium subscriptions get only a temporary bonus to the increase in experience points and PT.


For those who would like to get acquainted with the classics of the genre, RF Online can be an excellent entry point - thanks to the interesting role-playing system and uncommon entourage. Even little things like different ammunition for different types of enemies have been thought out here. But there is a nuance that seems uncomfortable with the pace of modern life - the game takes a long time to harness, assigning a novice a whole series of one-type tasks. To appreciate this MMO, you need to spend at least a week in the virtual universe, and preferably more. On the other hand, it is enough to give Rising Force a chance and show patience to reveal its unique flavor.

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