Online game "NosTale"

  • Release date:
    25 November 2009
  • Game type:
  • Game website:
  • Operating system:
    Windows 7 / 8 / Vista / 10
  • Minimum requirements
  • CPU:
    Pentium 3.8GHz
  • RAM:
  • Graphics card:
    NVidia GeForce 2 MX
  • Disk space:
  • Internet:

NosTale Game Review

Anime is always and everywhere popular. Including in the online RPG genre. One of the first and cult projects, which basically began for many people to get acquainted with MMOs, was the famous Korean Ragnarok Online, released in 2002. Four years later came Korean NosTale, which in many ways was similar to its countryman and predecessor, but also pleased with its interesting ideas and findings. It is a rather bright game distinguished by funny drawing in the style of Korean comics (Manhwa), a warm "lamp" atmosphere, the emphasis on communication between users, a lot of adventures and opportunities for character development. Nostale has been through a lot over the years - at one point its servers were even shut down, but the game was invariably revived and new sites appeared. And a few years ago it became available, including Steam. What is the secret of its success and what can it offer to a modern gamer?

About the world, plot and quests

NosTale (which, by the way, means "The Tale of Nomads of Silver Spirit") is set on the vast continent of Eastmile. These lands, as usual, are threatened, and we must eliminate it and save the world. It begins in the small village of Nosville, which is suddenly attacked by monsters from the time-space stones (portals) - the local dungeons, where there are particularly strong enemies.

And the reason for this is the awakening of a certain ancient tree, Fernon, in an ancient temple. To solve the problem we set off on a long, dangerous but fascinating adventure during which we visit different locations, making a round-the-world trip across the continent, complete many quests and defeat crowds of enemies.
Most of the missions given to the brave hero, understandably, involve the need to find/fetch something and kill someone. Although there are also more non-trivial missions that require you to answer questions correctly and even solve riddles. NosTale also has a large number of raids, where it is better to go in a group with other players - often in such raids on the participants are different magical nasties, which give bonuses to the characteristics. And in the end is sure to wait for a strong boss. Therefore, it is important to prepare properly and wear the right things that remove such unpleasant effects.

Many events take place in the aforementioned space-time portals. It's also where we earn the seals needed to access raids. These dungeons are always more or less complex mazes, where the player must perform various tasks - kill all monsters in the allotted time, protect an ally, activate a lever in time to open the way further, and so on.
Then you have to move to another location, meet new conditions there, and finally find a way out - and you have to do this again in a limited amount of time. New adventures are regularly added to the world of NosTale, including events such as Christmas, March 8th, and so on.

About classes

Unlike most other MMORPGs, in NosTale the experience we earn is divided into two categories - the main one (gained in battles) and the so-called working one, gained for other, non-combat activities. At first, the savior of the Eastmile continent applies to newcomers, ordinary adventurers - this is the starting and general class for everyone. But after reaching the 15th basic and 20th working level we are finally allowed to choose one of the three basic professions - you can become a Swordsman, an Archer or a Mage.

It is hardly necessary to explain how they differ from each other. But don't think that the class system in NosTale is primitive. As it turns out, it's not that simple. The fact is that each class upon reaching again certain basic and working levels gets the opportunity to activate special specialist cards - they open up additional tactical options with a focus on the use of a particular element. Thus, the swordsman has "Warrior of Fire", "Water Samurai" (emphasizes the speed of attack with swords), "Crusader of Light" (knows how to impose useful auras on the whole squad). Later levels add "Berserker of Darkness", "Gladiator of Fire" and "Martial Monk of Water".
Archer thanks to such cards can transform into a Water Ranger (able to freeze enemies at a distance), Dark Assassin (especially effective in battles against other players), Fire Destroyer, using a gun and explosives instead of a bow, Light Wasteland Keeper, who not only perfectly throws boomerangs, but also uses the most powerful skills in the game, affecting entire areas. Also with increasing levels archers will become available such specialist cards as the Water Scout and the Fire Canoner with RPG (!!!) in his hands - he will be able to fly over not too high obstacle and even catch up with the enemy, using the torpedo.

Finally, a mage can specialize as a fire, water, light or dark spellcaster. Later levels unlock the Volcano of the Fire Element - a powerful mage who commands earth, lava and magma, which he can cover his skin with to become incredibly fast and strong, at the same time absorbing enemy damage. The Lord of the Waves, on the other hand, logically controls the power of the ocean.

About pets and partners

The elemental attacks of specialists can and should be strengthened with the help of fairies - these are such personal guardian angels, which are attached to the hero and give him bonuses. Fairies, understandably, also belong to different elements, have different levels and degrees of rarity. And they can also be created and enhanced with special expendable items.

Also, we are occasionally helped by partners - computer-controlled characters, which can be obtained in different ways. They, too, are able to level up and change their profile with the help of specialist cards.

In addition, NosTale has its own pokemon. From the very first steps and first levels in NosTale, we are taught how to get pets. Many creatures encountered by the player can serve in this capacity, even attacking them at first - chickens, sheep and so on. Well, or we have to attack them ourselves. After all, only in battle, specifically weakening them, you will be able to use a special skill to catch and tame an animal.
They, like their "partners", help in battles and gain experience, gradually becoming stronger. And we choose which creature to take on our quest. All pets and partners are in the so-called "little country" - it's our own cozy corner inside the big virtual world. And here you can not only view the list of pets and their development, but also equip a house and even invite other users to just to talk or, for example, have fun by running a mini-game - their range depends on what we have built on your site. You can even hold virtual weddings here.
Naturally, a major role in pumping classes and specialists and equipment plays a major role, which in NosTale, as in virtually every MMORPG, you can in every way to strengthen and sharpen, create and improve - for example, with runes.

About battles with other players

NosTale has a separate continent called Glacernon for PvP, i.e. battles with other players. There is an eternal war for magic crystals between the two warring factions. Both single heroes and those who are part of the guild (only here such user groups are called families, which emphasizes the overall warm lamplight atmosphere), must choose which side in this confrontation to take.

The point is that you have to kill the boss faster than your opponents, get access to a rare dungeon, there to defeat another boss, then another, so as to eventually snatch a big piece of money in the form of coins, equipment and other prizes.
There are also arenas on Glacernon where players can directly fight each other in one-on-one, two-on-two, three-on-three, and so on. There are ranked matches, allowing you to move up in the overall top players. Provided and more extensive confrontation - for example, in the "Battle of the rainbow crystal" between the war two teams of 15 people each. And in "Icebreaker" mode you need not kill, but freeze your opponents.

Participation in all these activities allows you to earn not only experience and levels, but also reputation and dignity. Reputation is needed to use the aforementioned class cards, play minigames, buy equipment in a special store in your personal arena, as well as to pass dangerous raids on Glacernon. And you can ruin your reputation if you start to lose your dignity, losing in battles to monsters and arranging unsuccessful forays into space-time dungeons. When the dignity will go into minus (maximum minus 1000), then the character will be imposed penalties and negative effects. That is, you have to play NosTale intelligently.


NosTale is a large, diverse and very cozy MMORPG that will appeal not only to fans of anime, but to all fans of the genre. After all, the authors quite skillfully combine the classic traditions with their own interesting findings like "little country" or specialist maps. Yes, in terms of graphics the creation of Korean developers does not look, let's say, very modern, but there is a really warm and lamplight atmosphere, and the gameplay is quite capable of captivating - and for a long time.

February 2021