Online game "Music Wars"

Music Wars
  • Release date:
    24 September 2012
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  • Operating system:
    Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10
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  • Graphics card:
    DirectX 9
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Music Wars Game Review

Role-playing games, both single-player and online, not particularly distinguished by a variety of themes and worlds represented in them: most often it is a fantasy about how elves, humans or dwarves are fighting against orcs, goblins and other villains. Well, or sci-fi about the same theme, only instead of pointy-eared green humanoids there are alien creatures. Therefore, the appearance of a game that works according to a different scheme always attracts increased attention. Music Wars - one of the most striking in this sense browser RPG. Here at the start we do not choose a class and race, pondering between an elf-archer and a human-paladin, but what the character listens to - rock or, for example, dance clubbing. Yes, we play as musicians who fight each other and occasionally control big battle robots. And that's not all that makes the game stand out from the rest. Read more about it in our review.

About plot and quests

Many people are willing to defend their tastes consistently. And in our real life, especially in the past years, there were often cases when, say, metal musicians (i.e. fans of heavy rock) beat up rappers or vice versa. And in Music Wars the same situation is played out.

Here in a large modern city called Sound City (well, of course!) there are several bands of musicians (or those who want to become them), divided by areas: music lovers, rockers, "urban" and "club". At the start it is necessary to choose one of the factions, and this is actually an important decision - in the future, many tasks, events and tests will only be available to members of one or another faction. That is, for example, club music lovers will not be registered in the tournament for "heavier" fans.
Music gangs fight and compete for control over different parts of the city, and so in the process we do a lot of "find and beat 10 music lovers or 15 rockers" tasks. There are more meaningful, almost plot-driven ones, where, for example, we are first sent to help the niece of a famous scientist, and then she is kidnapped, and we have to save the girl. Then she also asks us to clear the local subway from the invasion of... skeletons. Yes, the world in Music Wars is unusual, and you will not get bored here.

Even when these big missions temporarily end (at least until your character reaches the next important level) there is always something to do. For one thing, there are always missions available on the general map to beat up certain musical opponents. Like, hey, buddy, come with me, let's show these music lovers where the crayfish breeds. And you can refuse or ask for a bigger reward.
There, on the map of the city, there are missions where we do not have to beat anyone - you just have to agree to spread propaganda rockers in another area, replace a friend in the amusement park, post some posters and ads. And then wait for the quest to complete itself after a while and bring you one or another reward - with the chance that something will go wrong, and then the prizes will be less than you would like. Many such quests are designed with humor and in accordance with the general theme of the game - you can, for example, even participate in the "golden gramophone".

In addition, there are a lot of repetitive tasks - get as many points in the mini-game (there is a built-in and very fascinating fun in the style of "three in a row", which allows you to earn money and spend time waiting for the completion of other quests), sell goods in the store for a certain amount, pump in the training room so-and-so parameters, and so on.

About co-op and battles with other players

Starting at level 6, all players get the opportunity to control combat walking robots - here they are called "Moose Mechs". Choosing a walking tank of one of the three classes, you can sign up to participate in battles between players (held on the "Range") - it increases the level of skill in piloting (in other words, pumps "Mechs"), brings money and experience. In addition, you can go on an expedition - this is the name of the big and very interesting joint raids.
Among the players who sign up for a hike, a commander is chosen who will decide which route to take to reach the goal. Although the rest can also advise in a special chat room. The goal of the expedition is to get from point A to point B and defeat the final boss. If at least one player from the group survives, the raid is considered completed and all participants receive rewards, equipment or consumables for their "mechs". Along the way there will be points of interest, where everyone makes a choice - to stop to rest and repair, or, for example, to try to open a chest. The success of actions such as the latter is determined by chance - you may be unlucky, and then a trap will be triggered, and the "Mech" will be damaged.
Periodically there are battles - all members of the expedition take part in them as well. Each player decides which of the enemies to attack, which consumables to use, when to turn on the shield, when to heal an ally or himself. At the same time in the chat room there are often heated discussions about who should be attacked in the first place.

Participating in such campaigns and battles at the shooting range, we pump up our robots and get equipment for them. You can also buy it in a special store.
Also among the attractions is the Tower of Death. Once in its first level, the musicians move through the locations in search of chests of equipment. To open some of them, you need to work together to outsmart the guards. From the next levels players can attack each other - for victories are given especially valuable currency.
There are also special altars that can restore the energy (spent on all active actions) and health of the character. And you have to do it all within a limited time, and then quickly move to the next floor - otherwise, after about five minutes there are ghosts on the level, forcing the heroes to gradually lose health. In addition to other rewards, in the Tower of Death you can earn the souls of dead warriors, for which then in a special menu Limbo (!!!) we exchange parts of powerful armor.
And that's not all activities. For example, you can sign up for a tournament. But you need a ticket to get in. They are given out for free about twice a day. If you want more - you have to spend crystals, and they are bought for real money.

Finally, you can perform in different eateries and clubs. You just pay the entry fee and wait until the concert is over, and then get one or another award at the end. But you have to have an invitation - to get it you need a special currency, which is not easy to get.
However, you can always create your own music group or join an existing one - that's what guilds/clans are called in Music Wars. Together with other players, it is easier to participate in tournaments and earn various rewards.

About the role-playing and combat system

Characters in Music Wars naturally develop, gain experience and new levels. After that they can increase their characteristics and learn new skills from one of three masters, each of which specializes in a different style of combat and survival - someone puts on speed, someone on strength or on survivability, that is, the health of the character. You can change your tutor, but not for free.
And the direction in which you will develop is very important - the battles take place without our direct participation, but the character there can only use the skills that you have trained him. And, of course, to use the equipment that you put on him. Therefore it is also important to improve in the laboratories weapons, equipment and summoned in combat pets, including with the help of special mined in the expeditions stones. However, the operation of upgrading the equipment does not guarantee a hundred percent success - in the process the item can break or lose a level.

By the way, many types of equipment here are themed - bonuses to the characteristics give guitars, speakers and microphones, and appear in the studio of our musician. There you can also put a fishbowl, which adds 11 points to survivability, or, for example, hang a target plus 25 to the level of talent (affect the effectiveness of combat skills). And as a "pet", which gives bonuses, you can get one of the fanatics. Players and guilds compete for them at auctions at modeling agencies.
In general, the customization of the character, his appearance and the appearance of the studio in Music Wars is given special attention - that is why there is a beauty salon and a design bureau on the menu of the city.

You can improve the character's parameters not only by increasing his general level, but also simply by investing money you earn in the game into the development of characteristics at any moment. And after the 6th level is reached, when the Shaolin monastery becomes accessible, it is allowed to spend prayer points, which we accumulate during meditation or receive as a reward for passing the activities. Finally, after level 10 the genetics center opens, where we spend DNA points for the same thing.


As you can see, the authors of Music Wars are good with style, taste, humor, and imagination. An ordinary, it would seem, browser-based MMO they have managed to present as no one else in the genre - really, originally and fun. That's why it's played fresh and interesting, and the constant actions, events and quite active community of users are even more involved in what's going on. Especially if you play to your favorite music, which is included in the built-in radio, it is spinning tracks in the style you selected at the start. As a result, it's hard to tear yourself away from Music Wars, it delights with the abundance of different features and non-trivial mechanics. So if you like good music and cool outfits, you'll definitely come here - find like-minded people, create your own band, buy a cool guitar. And ride the walking robots, too.

February 2021